Fashion Show Models (Choose Me)


Modeling – what it entails:

  • Sizing / fittings and practice sessions on how to use the space on the day of the fashion show
  • Hair, makeup and styling on the day of the show
  • Using props or accessories to enhance the vision of the piece
  • Owning the stage with grace & confidence
  • Showing up

Practice & Fittings:

  • Many things happen outside of our control, which means ‘playing it by ear’
  • We will never force or ask you to wear something you (or your guardians are not comfortable with)
  • Skimpy outfits are reserved for adult models / guardians’ express permission
  • Makeup and hair will remain age-appropriate
  • Please walk with black modest under garments to fittings as multiple rooms may not be available


  • Transport to and from home during practice sessions, at the event
  • Meals are provided for any all-day session and at the event
  • Up to 8% discount on tickets to events for guardians’ of the models (provided these are paid for in advance of the show)

Use of images:

By completing this request, you agree to the use of your image during the show, and or for any promotional after-show means such as loaded to our website, across social media (where persons at the event may  post in order to share across their platforms etc.).  We understand you have a choice in this and respect your decision where your image distribution is within our control.

NB: All models (pro or no), must complete indicate their choice below.