Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration


Who has to register for VAT? 

Individuals or businesses that sell goods or services worth TT$500,000.00 or more in a twelve-month period must register for VAT. Individuals and businesses must also register if they forecast sales of TT$500,000.00 or more in a  twelve-month period. 

Documents required for VAT Preparation can be obtained by visiting or contacting the office.


What is VAT? 

Value Added Tax, or VAT, is applied to both goods and services in Trinidad and Tobago and is included in the final  price of the product.

VAT is charged at a rate of 12.5%. VAT-registered businesses must collect VAT from customers, submit VAT returns and pay any VAT that they owe to the Inland Revenue Division of the Ministry of Finance.

VAT registered businesses can deduct any VAT that they pay when purchasing goods and services for the business from  the VAT that they collect from customers.

If the amount of VAT that a business pay is more than they collect, the  Inland Revenue Division will refund the balance.


Can I de-register? 

Registered individuals or businesses that cease trading, dispose of or transfer their business must apply for  Cancellation of VAT Registration. This also applies to individuals or businesses that no longer generate revenues  above the threshold amount of TT$500,000.00. 


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